At Judy Chirnside Flowers we love all types of weddings and think there’s nothing more inspiring than romance! Weddings are a special experience and every marriage celebration is unique – something we like to keep in mind when we are creating wedding flowers.

From charming ‘just picked’  flowers to sleek and sophisticated ‘high-glam’ designs, we run the entire style gamut so you can be sure that we’ll create something just perfect for you. If you are not sure what to choose or where you stand style-wise – don’t worry, because we are here to guide you through!

We welcome and adore all weddings so if your celebration is large or small, modest or extravagant, our service and commitment remain the same.

For over three decades, Judy Chirnside Flowers has added happiness to hundreds of weddings with beautiful, customised wedding flowers in and around Geelong. We want to do the same for you!

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