Our Story

It seems such a long time ago that I established myself in our outside laundry, working from the top of the washing machine as it was the perfect height for my short legs! My Mother’s passion for flowers was definitely passed on to me and she taught me everything I know.

Making my garden posies and at the same time, keeping an eye on my growing boys as they played outside, I began my business of providing the best quality and freshest flowers. I felt great joy and some success, when the first buckets of flowers, delivered by a Melbourne flower supplier, landed on our front verandah at 1 a.m. The little business had then expanded into the dining room and kitchen – absolute chaos! – with flowers flying into the eggs and bacon and the boys playing jumping castle on the boxes of wedding flowers, it was obviously time to escape the domestic scene! I rented a newly built shop and the business just grew and grew.

After 12 years, my husband Rod became involved taking a huge workload from me, which has allowed me to take on more adventures. Expanding the business further, I relocated to a much larger shop just 2 doors down the street. It is with thanks to Rod, Prue Fridge (who has been invaluable, and also stuck by me for 16 years!) and Sara Norris, who after raising 2 children has returned to us. Many other staff members have contributed enormously to the positive and happy progress of the business.

Within the last 6 months much involvement has gone into developing, designing and implementing our modern new website, as well as taking exciting steps to ensure the direction of the business stays current, by offering the latest of trends. Thirty years on, we all look forward to showing you something different from our world of flowers!

Love Judy

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